Simple Trick To Boost Your Android

Android phones are getting faster by the day with a new flagship phone being released what seems like every month. New processors, more RAM, more efficient chips... every company is trying their best to out do one another in the speed department, but does it show 6 months down the line? In fact, many users find their smartphone to have slowed significantly just a few months of normal usage, causing them to search for solutions to the great deceleration.

There are a couple of great methods for speeding up your android phone, we found the most effective to be deleting the apps you aren't necessarily making the most use out of. As well as clearing up space on your harddrive which you can use for other files like photos or music, getting rid of applications stops them from running at all in the background and using up valuable RAM. By leaving lots of apps open and silently zapping RAM, you can't the full computing resources in the phone to work on the task in hand. Instead, it is being used to check whether or not your Candy Crush Saga lives are full or not. But optimizing your android is much more than just speeding it up a little...

One simple trick is saving people thousands

Battery life is another aspect of popular smartphones that very commonly deteriorates with usage. Don't worry, this can also be counteracted with a few tricks! The time your phone battery lasts is highly dependant on what it is doing when it is loser power, for example: if you watch super HD video on full brightness and leave lots of apps running in the background, you will quickly see the % in the top right of your screen drop from 100 to 0. Whilst watching super HD video all the time may not be normal usage, you do have a choice on brightness. We suggest keeping it as low as you can and opting for "Battery Saver Mode" when you can.

Another suggestion we would make is the use of PCProtect, an app which started out as a antivirus for android but slowly morphed into a full-blown smartphone enhancement. You can use it to sift through every app on your phone, increasing the efficiency of each and optimizing storage usage. As well as speeding up your phone, Scanguard also protects it from malware, trojans and viruses! Not many apps can claim they can do that...

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use PCProtect™ free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To stay Malware and Virus free when using public WiFi we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a new computer or don't use public wifi, we would recommend you try PCProtect™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting there personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

Click here to download PCProtect™. They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

LG Plans to Launch New X Cam and X Screen Phones Ahead

2016 will be going an exciting year for the LG users as the company plans to launch new models with X Cam and X screen phone for this new year. It will surely surprise the users worldwide.

LG has already offered something new to its customers with the new cover G5 that just released on the last Monday and showcased in Barcelona. LG X Series phones will supposedly hit the market with 13 Mega Pixel and 5.0 Mega Pixel dual rear cameras respectively. The 1.76 inch X touch screen with 4.93 basic touch screen for its users. It will enhance the user's experience in using the applications and answering the phone calls in a better way.

LG is going to be the first company that plans to launch X Cam incorporating two cameras on the rear that will add incredible experience to the smartphones, but it has not revealed the detail of cameras that it is going to offer in the new lineup. There could be a possibility that X Cam will add optical zoom like Apple iPhone 7 is planning to offer its customers, and it will capture great images with two cameras and helps in zooming the cameras more efficiently.

LG G5 will bring lots of changes in the mobile phone, and it will amaze your experience with the better camera and screen as well. LG is planning to offer two handsets in Asia, Europe and America in the coming months. LG is planning to launch its much-hyped phone at the end of February 2016 in the World Mobile Congress 2016 with X Cam and X Screen features on their mobile phones.

They will offer more reviews, features, functions and analysis of the cell phones during the World Mobile Congress.  The much-awaited phone expectedly offers Octa Core Processor, 16 GB internal memory with slots expandable up to 2TB of MicroSD card. 8 Mega Pixel front camera and 4G LTE equipment with 2500+ mAH battery will surely give something worthwhile to the mobile users.

Best SUV with Modern Wheel System for Snow and Ice Drive

Are you looking for a car that offers all-wheel drive? We all love to buy such cars with the capability of all-wheel drive i.e. it support driving on snow and ice as well. AWD is one of the best car sellers that sell all wheel system drive for the customers. Subaru’s all-wheel drive has been rated as best for years, and Mazda is the second car that beats the competition with following the AWD. All wheel drives made a tremendous impact in changing your experience in winter and proved successful in snowy and icy locations across the Canada and US.

All-wheel Drive vehicles favor your journey in the toughest weather conditions. There is a vast difference between all seasons and winter tires in performance in the inclement weather. If you want an affordable SUV like Mazda Crossovers equipped with i-Activ AWD proven great with equal performance to Subaru with better cases.

Let’s learn more about AWD, in most of all wheels drive, the front wheels are only powerful and controls the vehicle, but the rear wheels works like the standard car models. AWD has jumped into the market at the right time, and it has helped the economy to hit with most affordable all-wheel cars. “All Wheels Drive” means vehicles with four wheel drive with 100 to 250 pounds of weight.

If we look at the medium range price cars, then Subaru’s all-wheel drive is an exceptional choice with AWD design philosophy. Such vehicles support front and rear torque to give the better grip on the roads. Car’s center allows front and rear wheels to move differently at various speed. Subaru is considered as an ideal choice for the drive in winter, and it comes in the under the price of $50,000. You can check the performance of Subaru on YouTube offering high range drive on the snowy and mountainous ranges.

Mazda All-Wheel Drive

Mazda’s Predictive is the all-wheel drive crossover SUVs. It has i-Active system delivery most of the powers to the front wheels. Sensors installed on the front wheels stops the tire slip and shift the power to the front and rear wheels respectively before it gets noticed by the driver.

BMW Supports All-Wheel Drive

BMW supports all-wheel drive supports in its models like Lexus and Mercedes-Benz cars that use splits the torque on front and rear vehicles up to 50/50 basis and get 50% power on the front wheels. Similarly, Audi’s Quattro has something AWD features in their cars that divide the torque on the front, center and rear. It distributes power to the front, center and rear portion of the vehicle to keep the car in contact even in the show and ice.

Acer Comes Back In New Look With Chromebook R11

Acer’s new Chromebook R11 is one of the inexpensive laptop brand equipped with Google’s 360-degree hinge with the wide touch screen support. It provides tricky handling of browser and navigation through the touch screen. It comes with lots of built-in applications, and you can even find applications in Windows and Apple’s OS X in the Acer Chrome book R11. It has very affordable design with hybrid design and offers a great value of money in the lineup of laptops. Chromebook is fit for the purpose and should be delivered at a reasonable price to meet the competition in the market.

Acer offered to the users with the base price of $279 and its quite affordable tablet with the touch screen display, and 360 degrees hinge capability that makes it folded even better than the chunky tablet. It stands out in the crowd due to this touch screen display and 360-degree hinge.

Acer’s Chromebook R11 has hit the market with 11.6-inch display with the screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Though it is the least resolution that comes in the laptop, the price is quite reasonable. IPS display that makes its colors extremely well and runs the videos lively makes your day with this resolution. Though, fluctuations on the screen create problems sometimes. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi radius makes it hard for the signals to come smoothly and it makes a wrong impression when signals are dropped in the sunlight. It works on the Chrome operating system and includes Google applications that work well with the OS, and Chromebook unique selling proposition is its 360-degree hinge feature that somehow obstructs the touch screen, but overall it’s good. It is highly flexible and folds smoothly like the friendly tablet; it is best to scroll the WebPages and converts the windows into standard size to ensure full display.

However, Chromebook comes with Chrome OS that makes some applications conflict when view on the touch screen because it makes hard for the users to navigate through the applications, bookmarks and websites that require a mouse to click the sites.