Crazy Trick Extends Your Android Battery Life

Naturally, phones begin to slow down the more they are used. In some cases, this effect is the fault of too much memory (RAM, that is) being used by an increasing amount of running applications. Or, it can be due to new operating systems exhausting the phone's computing resources so they cannot be used on other, more useful tasks like loading videos or changing from one screen to another. 

Everyone with an android wants to give it a boost, that's a given. After all, who wouldn't want a slightly quicker device to minimize the time it takes to upload an update to Facebook?

One example of a manual way you can start supercharging your android is clearing any cached data your apps have. If this isn't cleared regularly it can clog up your phone by keeping unnecessary app properties loaded. You can do this by heading to the "Device Storage" page in your Android's settings, scroll down until you see the option "Cached Data" then select it. If you've done everything right, a pop should appear on your screen giving you the option to delete the stored cache, select "OK". Cached data is simply pictures and other files loaded from within applications you have used, they stay loaded to help the app load and perform faster when you next use it. There is no danger in deleting your cached data.

Whilst manually deleting cache may be a suitable fix to the issue, no one has the time to sift through settings every time their phone needs a boost. Fortunately, there are some better options!

There are many different applications and products which can help give your device some speed up treatment when it's feeling slow, our favourite being TotalAV - as well as helping you clear cached data on demand, the TotalAV app can clear out duplicate photos (recognizing similar colours and markings in your phone's gallery, comparing every single image and allowing you to delete every twin with just 1 tap), protect your phone with an award winning antivirus and gives you the opportunity to lock apps with a pattern passcode. The software is primarily an antivirus, but it has a array of speed up, optimizing and security tools built right in that can be activated with one tap.

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use TotalAV™ free analysis tool to optimize their Androids. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking hereTo keep your phone running at it's optimum level we highly recommend using TotalAV, which doubles up as virus and malware protection for your device.

Even if you have a brand new phone or don't think you need a speed up, we would recommend you try TotalAV™ to analyze your handset anyway. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have significantly sped up their phone from a few small changes.

Click here to download TotalAV™They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

Changing Date of iPhone to Back Dates Will Kill the Phone

If you are curious to modify the date settings of your iPhone to some previous years, then don’t try it because it will make your phone completely useless and it will not reboot again. The new models data settings allow changing the date to 70s, but making such change to your phone will make your phone dead permanently.

Apple has launched the iPhone in 2007 but kept the option of date change as far as 1970. In this case, your phone will reboot and display the apple screen only. It doesn’t boot further to take you on the desktop screen of your iPhone. It will not boot even if you try to connect it with iTunes and the only way you will be left with is to take your phone to the Apple’s company, and it will replace with the new phone.

All the models of Apple including iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, IPad Mini 3 and 4 face the same problem in the case of the date change. It is a bug in Apple’s OS and tested by several users, who complain that the phone doesn’t reboot when restarted after date change.

It is the possibility that the phone may encounter the problem due to time zone because most of the users who face this issue had the time zone selected as America.  Some users who had set other times zone didn’t face any problem like this. The iPhone has default time zone in GMT, so changing the date before January 1; 1970, will make this clock below zero, and it causes the problem.

IPhone automatically picks the time of your phone, but if someone wants manually changing the date on his phone, he can go to settings to change the date on his phone. The bug is found in iOS 9.3 and also affect the latest iPhone with iOS 8 or older. It is the very rare problem discovered in the Apple’s iPhone because some of the users face this issue when changed their phone dates and there is no possibility that a user will go back in the history.

Apple’s Music Get Subscribers at Very Fast Speed

Apple has recently launched music for its subscribers, and it has gained immense popularity among the users. The new music service has gained a lot of popularity by the users and till now 11 million subscribers have joined the Apple’s music.

Apple’s executives Craig Federighi and Eddy Cure also confirmed the number of customers through the email. The streaming music has exploded the mobile users industry in the past few years. Apple is planning to get 10 million subscribers who use the streaming music services in $10 charges per month. Apple took just six months to reach the number of subscribers and their rivals Spotify has got the same subscribers in almost six years. So, it is a great success for the Apple to get a huge number of subscribers in a very short period. Apple has extended its streaming services in Google’s Android that has billions of customers worldwide.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, confirmed that approximately 6.5 million users had subscribed the streaming service that launched at the end of June. Apple has subscribers worldwide, users in the United Kingdom get £10 music service per month and $12 per month for the Australian users.

The growing customers base put enormous pressure on the competitors, and Apple is going to acquire the biggest music streaming service through a deal. Apple’s competitor for music streaming is losing its customers, and their clients are joining Apple’s music streaming services.

Spotify, a major competitor for Apple Music, has music service in the UK, and the US has nearly 20 million paid and 70 million free subscribers worldwide.

Apple has almost 800 million iCloud subscribers that use the services on more than 1 billion devices of Apple. Apple has 200,000 iMessages cycle through every second and currently there are 750 million transactions per week.

Apple’s music streaming is getting popularity day by day, and it is continuously damaging its competitors and enjoying huge popularity in the industry.

Virtual Reality Will Soon Help Stroke Patients to Recover

Virtual Reality Goggles could be used by the doctors in the United States for the treatment of stroke victims. Research has found new possibilities of treatment of strokes with the help of virtual reality goggles.

A Switzerland-based firm has made $100 million investment in the technology to make use of virtual reality with neuroscience hardware to bring a solution to the investment. The technology is approved by the European Parliament that could help the victims to get possible treatment with the virtual reality.

Tej Tadi, CEO of MindMaze explains how a stroke victim can get benefit from the technology. Suppose a person has lost her left hand and only able to move the right hand, the virtual reality goggles help the patient to imagine moving her left hand like the right one.

Virtual reality goggles contribute to triggering the brain and help the victim to gain control his hand. It is possible that the hands start working on the use of the application. The conceptualization of working hand triggers the brain, and it helps in recovering the victim in a short span of time.

He said it is the year when the virtual reality is about to take the start in the Europe. Lots of companies including Samsung, HTC or Facebook, is planning to launch virtual reality handsets. The use of technology will change the way we deal with the gadgets and will create wonder in the video games industry altogether. Virtual reality can help in some areas, and health is on top of them.

According to the Blau, a virtual reality researcher who has been studying since the 1990s claims that there is a great potential to use the virtual reality in the field of health care. Virtual reality triggers the brain by making the victim believe with the help virtual reality. There is a high demand of VU in the field of medicine and health.

Virtual reality is currently using in the healthcare for a quite long time and helps the patients to overcome some phobias. Some studies suggest that the virtual reality is helpful in overcoming the fears of spiders.

The increasing performance of virtual reality goggles helping the doctors in preparing most stressful situations for operation, and that are impossible to carry in the real life.

Virtual reality is more used in the gaming and entertainment industry. According to the Gartner, there is a little investment made in the virtual reality startups in the recent years and only a few projects of health were taken with the use of virtual reality.

CEO Tadi is not sure how much their device will cost in the US or around the world, but he is sure that it will be very useful for the health care in future.