Don't Bank Online Before Reading This!

Banking online is extremely convenient - gone are the days of having to visit a cashpoint to see what your balance is. But online banking is far more than just checking a balance, you can see every single one of your transactions, set up and manage direct debits, standing orders and even apply for new accounts. If you bank online, it's likely won't even need to even enter your local branch in your life. Unfortunately, as with every technological advance, banking online has it's drawbacks: it is generally susceptible to hacking, but not in the way you might think...

The security measures taken by the bank themselves are some of the best in the world, their walls are near enough impenetrable! Hackers needed to get smart. In general, the only way you can enter an online banking account by submitting a username, password and giving random characters from your memorable information, so the hackers need a way of stealing this from you. The way this is done in most cases is by using keylogging software, which can record every key stroke you make whilst connected to the internet, recognizing when you connect to a banking site and sending what you type back to the hacker. 

Very recently a piece of malware was discovered that affected Android phones and spread through the Google Adsense network (the biggest advertisement delivery network in the world). The "Svpeng trojan" downloads itself, then hides the application it has created on your phone. From then, the malware creates fake phishing browser windows of banking and social media sites, tricking users into supplying their details. Over 15 million websites use Google Adsense to monetize their content, including most of the biggest sites in the world like YouTube and MSN. Most people choose not to protect their smartphone, which can be a grave mistake (especially if you use an Android phone!)...

Protecting your smartphone from malware is just as important as keeping your laptop or home computer safe as the effects can be just as devastating. We recommend PCProtect to all of our readers as a solution to the problems caused by malware on all devices.

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To stay safe while banking online we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer or phone and alert you to any threats it detects.

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Your Personal and Financial Details are at Risk!

Malware, short for Malicious Software has been wreaking havoc on computers and networks for decades. Since the first example was found in the 70s, the numbers showing their growth are worryingly impressive: it really took until around 2005 for it to take off, but at that point there were thousands of new examples being found every day on the internet. In 2012, AV-TEST claims malware hit the 100,000,000 mark, which almost doubled in the next year alone. In 2015, the number topped half a billion different cases, with more than 1 million new ones found daily.

Now, the internet is big, but avoiding that many opportunities for malware to infect your computer is tough even if you are clued up on the subject! 

The main way people with Windows desktops or laptops protect their computer is with Microsoft's own "Security Essentials", a completely free tool and the most popular antivirus in the world. The product's popularity and success is likely due to it being included as default in every Windows machine post 2010, of which over 200,000,000 are sold every year. The next most popular for Microsoft users is Avast antivirus, with a 20% market share in the antivirus space in 2015. 

In the antivirus world, Apple Macintosh computers are often rather neglected. Most people think they don't need an antivirus for their MacBook or iMac because they "can't get viruses". The truth is, Macs are susceptible to malware, they just are less common. After all, if you were a hacker and wanted to control as many people's computers as possible in the shortest amount of time with the least effort, would you target the 10% (roughly) of the world's laptop owners? Creating malware for computers running Windows is proven and, unfortunately, yields results!

Not only do Macs need protecting, but mobiles do too! This is specifically true if you own an Android phone, as security specialists F-Secure revealed that 97% of all mobile malware is targeted at Android phones, the most popular smartphone operating system used today. You may have heard about the most recent Android security threat, a fault with Qualcomm processors which is said to affect almost 1,000,000,000 (yes, that is a billion!) users.

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Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use PCProtect™ free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To keep your computer malware and virus free we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a brand new computer, we would recommend you try PCProtect™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting there personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

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Google Has Started Issuing Warnings for Fake Social and Download Buttons

The internet has been continuously changing the experience of users with innovative and better technology use. However, the only thing that has not changed over the decade is the use of fake download button that often cause irritation and stress to the users who look for something useful or informative on the web. The fake buttons bring frustration among the users in seeking information and waste their precious time. Now, Google has launched a new safety feature intimating the users that the site they are going to visit has deceptive content. It will be very helpful in controlling malpractices and will discourage the creation of misleading contents over the internet.

Google’s  had already worked for protecting user’s rights and experience through its safe browsing features that have been warning users for malware and expiration of certification on the browsers. However, Google didn’t introduce any safety button for blocking fake links and misleading information. Google’s new act will help the users and protect them with deceptive content like fake download buttons and social networking ads.

You will not longer receive the alert informs of pop-ups that your computer is infected with the virus, or you need to upgrade your Windows software. Following such pop-ups or alert may carry a potential threat and can result in loss of information or possible damage to the user. Sometimes you came across such advertisements that ask you to install specific plugins to watch the video or register yourself to download the certain plugin on your system.

According to Google, such fake buttons or ads offer two types of advertising content for the users. Such ad includes:

•    It makes you feel like a trusted, or secure link that will help you to improve the speed of your system or it will speed up streaming your videos in minutes.

•    It compels you in doing something that you would only do for the trusted and patent entities.

All such advertisements will land you in hot water and triggers potential threats to damage your personal information or system. The ultimate goal of such ads is to drive traffic to their websites and generate enormous revenues in the first attempt. So, this is just part of malpractices leading websites are using to generate income irrespective of enhancing user’s experience. So, Google is committed to eliminating all the malpractices on the web and will end kids of social engineering and will make the website safer.

Netscape and AOL had first introduced such services for the users in the early 19s, but since then no one has taken the initiative in this regard.

AMD’s Carrizo Growth Halts with Poor OEM Design and Sing RAM Channel

The latest announcements of AMD’s Carrizo have not performed up to the expectations of the users, and the chip performance has raised many questions when it is compared with Kaveri. AMD’s average performance in almost all the brands and users didn’t expect much from the launch of a new processor that equips better video playback technology and integrated SOC. AMD is so hopeful with the launch of new Carrizo processor and expects that it will perform better in the 15W markets worldwide, as consumers expect more regarding performance from the AMD. Let us reveal some facts about Carrizo and Kaveri by the experts.

Kaveri vs. Carrizo

The good thing about Carrizo is that it has better performance and lower power consumption as promised by AMD. If we compare the performance of both Carrizo and Kaveri in single threaded and multi-threaded mode, then the Carrizo has better performance in both of the modes than the Kaveri. Despite the better performance of Carrizo AMD processors, the process is still assembled with single channel memory configuration, and no brand has introduced the processor with dual channel memory configuration. The unfortunate reason for such practice is the cost saving strategy by the board manufacturers. Carrizo comes with single channel supporting boards, and it couldn’t be replaced with the dual channel motherboards.

As compared to the Kaveri, Carrizo has the edge on many parameters like it has reduced consumption of power in video playback and provides support for the 4K videos. So, this doesn’t put much weight in the processor.

Carrizo vs. Core M Broadwell

Though the Broadwell comparison with the Carrizo is not as good as any other brand, but AMD’s Carrizo manages to win against Core M with Broadwell. Even with the single channel memory board, it enjoys better rating than the Kaveri and Broadwell.  Carrizo is seen as the cheap alternative of dual-core Intel processors that costs around $300 for SoCs and AMD is offering the single channel Carrizo system at the price of $150. So, it will not go for Carrizo because it is not competing with the Intel brand in price as well as in memory bandwidth.

So, the AMD processor is offering lower power consumptions than the Intel, but offering below the market price to the users who are not a good business approach to selling the brand in the market. AMD has targeted the cheap laptop market with the launch of Carrizo to get a better share of the market and reduce the gap between AMD and Intel processors. Launching Carrizo against Intel processors and chipsets was not meant to compete directly, but it was just a move to offer a better alternative to the users.

Microsoft Has agreed on Publishing Patch Notes For Windows 10

The Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and it has made lots of changes in windows with windows updates. The updates did not disclose to the public, and no one knew about the upgrade. End users were not informed about the latest updates in the Windows 10 because they were not informed. Some of the updates were only communicated to the end users, and users didn't know anything.

It was not possible for the end users to solve Windows 10 issues until they know what has caused the problem. It includes basic configuration of Windows and troubleshooting the operating system.

Finally the sense prevailed and Microsoft's administration agreed to publish patch notes for updates. The Microsoft has begun publishing notes to the customers that offer solutions to users. It includes updates they made to the windows recently. Though, it was not the breaking news for Windows 10 users and but they consider it valuable. It helps them to fix their problems with latest updates. Users get the benefit of Windows patch notes in the following ways. The users could fix issues including authentication, updating and installation of utility software on windows.

It helped them to fix the issues with Microsoft Edge Browser while using the private browsing. It helps users to fix their problems in Windows 10 to get all use the Windows without any problem. 

It also fixed issues for Windows 10 that didn’t allow the availability of songs through Groove Music application. So, users still prefer to use granularity on some of these problems and people usually search the web to encounter problems faced by the user in Windows 10. They use the internet to find solutions relating to Windows 10 problems.

With the updates, the users will know what causes a problem, and they will be able to address the solutions. They can contact to Microsoft support center when they don’t find any solution to the problem. The release of Microsoft notes will be helpful for the users, and they could solve their problems just following the detail notes. It will enhance the good will of Microsoft to its customers.

It is a good move of Microsoft to improve communication on the troubleshooting of Windows 10. In future, they will address concerns relating to piracy and user monitoring.  Windows 10 is amazing outcome that surpassed the users expectations. But,  it need little improvement for tweaking update problems. 

AMD Is Planning To Launch 32 Core CPU with Dual Channel DDR 4 Interface

There are lots of rumors about AMD’s new Zen processor and its perceived performance in the market, but CERN is adding more fuel to the speculation fire. Everyone know what AMD is already offering to the users, but the new about AMD new 32-Core processor with amazing eight channel DDR4 memory interface will surely amaze the users. It's double of what Intel is offering in its most sophisticated server machines. It's a problem for the customers who want to get more channels of DDR to enhance the speed of CPU.

So far, the information revealed about Zen seems fascinating. The new design is going to add 64KB L1 cache and 512KB L2 cache for the single core. AMD is going to add 8MB L3 Cache, and it will be among the four groups of cores. So, the project details about the design and memory will improve the performance of the machine, and it will beat the Intel in price along with the performance of cores. Offering more cores in the single machine will outperform but what will be the performance of nodes frequency and power constraints.

The incorporation of 14nm technology will make AMD an amazing machine. The 32 core chip will further increase the benefit of low-clock endeavor. So, the industry has changed a lot as per core pricing for lots of applications and ecosystem. The sales cannot only be increased by giant CPU Core. So, AMD and Intel both will compete for the processing speed and other features of the CPU. This is a great move of AMD with 32 Core CPU with eight-channel DDR4 memory to enhance the speed of the processor.

AMD is struggling hard to come with the better idea of processing and equip their processors with more speed to cater the users need in a better way.

A Study Suggests Women Writes Better Code

A new research study reveals that women code better than men. The code approval of women is higher than of men. The United States researchers have studied over 1.4 million programs source codes that were also shared on Github.

The researchers have found that the code written by women are accepted than of the men. However, the paper still requires review by the peers.

Researchers from the computer science department belonging to North Carolina State University, Cal Poly and San Luis computer science department. All the researchers have studied 4 million coders registered at Github.

Github is a great community of developers with millions of users worldwide. The researchers have assessed the genders from their profiles because the members were also using Google plus social networking. The researchers have taken the data without informing the users, but their intentions were not to compromise the privacy of users.

The pull request of 78.6 % of the women was accepted as compared to the 74.6% of the man. Researchers have intensely studied the skills of women. They considered different factors including responsiveness of women, a better understanding of issues, the programming language used by women and contributions to the programming. All these factors were easier to appraise but the researchers couldn’t able to find a correlation between the different factors.

There were no biases of gender between men and women. Apparently, women acceptance ratio is higher than the men, but if their gender is not visible and their country of origin is not outside the United States.

Researchers found women on Github more skillful and talented than the men. However, there is a great debate for recruiting the diverse workforce, especially in the programming firms. Facebook and Google have 16% and 18% of their workforce consist of women only.

However, freelance programmer ratio of women is comparatively higher than of the working women associated with any firm or company; researchers said to BBC.

So, it is proved women are better code than the men, and they should be given more chances to work in high tech firms.

Acer Comes Back In New Look With Chromebook R11

Acer’s new Chromebook R11 is one of the inexpensive laptop brand equipped with Google’s 360-degree hinge with the wide touch screen support. It provides tricky handling of browser and navigation through the touch screen. It comes with lots of built-in applications, and you can even find applications in Windows and Apple’s OS X in the Acer Chrome book R11. It has very affordable design with hybrid design and offers a great value of money in the lineup of laptops. Chromebook is fit for the purpose and should be delivered at a reasonable price to meet the competition in the market.

Acer offered to the users with the base price of $279 and its quite affordable tablet with the touch screen display, and 360 degrees hinge capability that makes it folded even better than the chunky tablet. It stands out in the crowd due to this touch screen display and 360-degree hinge.

Acer’s Chromebook R11 has hit the market with 11.6-inch display with the screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Though it is the least resolution that comes in the laptop, the price is quite reasonable. IPS display that makes its colors extremely well and runs the videos lively makes your day with this resolution. Though, fluctuations on the screen create problems sometimes. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi radius makes it hard for the signals to come smoothly and it makes a wrong impression when signals are dropped in the sunlight. It works on the Chrome operating system and includes Google applications that work well with the OS, and Chromebook unique selling proposition is its 360-degree hinge feature that somehow obstructs the touch screen, but overall it’s good. It is highly flexible and folds smoothly like the friendly tablet; it is best to scroll the WebPages and converts the windows into standard size to ensure full display.

However, Chromebook comes with Chrome OS that makes some applications conflict when view on the touch screen because it makes hard for the users to navigate through the applications, bookmarks and websites that require a mouse to click the sites.