This 1 Weird Trick Extends Your iPhone Battery Life

iPhone battery life has been the subject of many experiments, articles and arguments, but the mystery behind just how long your phone will last is still a case causing issues worldwide. As expected, the majority of those experiencing poor or unreliable usage times have older (1 or 2 generation late) devices, but even brand new phones can be disappointing when it comes to the power department. The latest iPhone 6S+ claims to last up to 12 hours of constant use whilst performing extremely battery-strenuous tasks such as downloading HD video.

There are a number ways you can improve your battery life significantly, the first being disabling "Background App Refresh", the option that allows for push notifications and updates to be made in apps whilst they aren't being used. Disabling background app refresh for an app can cause it to load slightly slower on reboot, but this sacrifice is most certainly worth it. Head to Settings, then General, then select "Background App Refresh", you can then go ahead and turn off the feature for whichever of your apps you don't need to refresh in the background.

By default, iPhones running the latest versions iOS will have optional visual effects running on the homepage. These visual effects can be demonstrated by heading to your home screen and tilting your phone, you should see the background moving to show the space normally hidden by app icons. This effect is called parallax and is detrimental to your power levels, so if you want to salvage some extra time you can begin by disabling the feature. To do this head to Settings, General, then Accessibility, from this page you should have the option to "Reduce Motion". Enabling this will disable parralax on the homepage and a number of other small unneccessary visual effects.

Disabling "Background App Refresh" and enabling "Reduce Motion" are helpful changes and will almost definitely help your phone last at least a little longer, but in a lot of cases its not enough. Users are still seeing their percentage level drop from 50 to 2 in what can seem like an instant, even after settings changes are made! More drastic measures need to be taken...

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The software is primarily an antivirus, but it has a array of speed up, optimizing and security tools built right in that can be activated with one tap.

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Apple’s Error “53” Destroys Brand Image of iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is facing a serious issue while updating the software to iOS 9. Apple is unable to tackle the annoying questions of the users. Apple’s spokesperson said, "Error 53" surfaced in the devices because the device is being handled by third party technicians or unauthorized centers. The only reason users are facing this issue is while updating the operating system.

According to the Guardian reports, one of its reporter Antonio Olmos had been using the iPhone, and he had repaired his phone while working on the assignment in Macedonia. He told, the repair done correctly, but the phone encountered the problem during the software upgrade. Once the update is completed, the phone stopped working with the Error 53 message on the screen.

What Is Error 53?

Apple responded the Guardian’s statement, the protection of fingerprint data incorporates into the phone through a secure enclave that is also paired with the Touch ID sensor of the phone and makes a unique pair with the phone and the sensor. When Apple’s phone is repaired by the authorized service agent, then he makes sure that revalidation of the phone is done again so that it may not encounter a problem while updating the software. However, the authorized repair center doesn’t know how to pair the device correctly and they change the touch ID sensor by getting access to the primary enclave illegally. So, when the pairing doesn’t match by the OS, then it disabled the device and phone stop working.

So, when a user gets the Error 53 because the unauthorized service provider immediately starts updating the software and while updating the software, further security checks done by the OS, which results in the Error 53. So, Apple has thrown all the responsibility on the authorized service agents.

Apple’s can’t do anything with the dead cell phones, as there is no way to restore the dead phones. The saddest part about the Error 53 is that the Apple is still not able to find out the exact reason for the error, and it has potentially ruined the image of the Apple’s phone that the Apple has been enjoying for decades.

iFixit spokesperson Kyle Wiens told the Guardian that the error may be caused due to changes in the home button or cable of the iPhone. He further added that repair centers should always use the original component when restoring or updating the operating system on the phone.

Apple’s blatant effort to justify the error 53 caused an uproar to its consumers that they have to take their phones to the expensive Apple’s service centers if they encounter any technical issues or repair issuing in their phones.

However, it was not a good attempt to cool down the angry customers who have bought expensive phones and then left with no options for cheap support. It is a genuine problem with the iPhone, and it should be addressed without causing loss to the iPhone even if it is handled by the unauthorized service agents.

Changing Date of iPhone to Back Dates Will Kill the Phone

If you are curious to modify the date settings of your iPhone to some previous years, then don’t try it because it will make your phone completely useless and it will not reboot again. The new models data settings allow changing the date to 70s, but making such change to your phone will make your phone dead permanently.

Apple has launched the iPhone in 2007 but kept the option of date change as far as 1970. In this case, your phone will reboot and display the apple screen only. It doesn’t boot further to take you on the desktop screen of your iPhone. It will not boot even if you try to connect it with iTunes and the only way you will be left with is to take your phone to the Apple’s company, and it will replace with the new phone.

All the models of Apple including iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, IPad Mini 3 and 4 face the same problem in the case of the date change. It is a bug in Apple’s OS and tested by several users, who complain that the phone doesn’t reboot when restarted after date change.

It is the possibility that the phone may encounter the problem due to time zone because most of the users who face this issue had the time zone selected as America.  Some users who had set other times zone didn’t face any problem like this. The iPhone has default time zone in GMT, so changing the date before January 1; 1970, will make this clock below zero, and it causes the problem.

IPhone automatically picks the time of your phone, but if someone wants manually changing the date on his phone, he can go to settings to change the date on his phone. The bug is found in iOS 9.3 and also affect the latest iPhone with iOS 8 or older. It is the very rare problem discovered in the Apple’s iPhone because some of the users face this issue when changed their phone dates and there is no possibility that a user will go back in the history.

Apple’s Music Get Subscribers at Very Fast Speed

Apple has recently launched music for its subscribers, and it has gained immense popularity among the users. The new music service has gained a lot of popularity by the users and till now 11 million subscribers have joined the Apple’s music.

Apple’s executives Craig Federighi and Eddy Cure also confirmed the number of customers through the email. The streaming music has exploded the mobile users industry in the past few years. Apple is planning to get 10 million subscribers who use the streaming music services in $10 charges per month. Apple took just six months to reach the number of subscribers and their rivals Spotify has got the same subscribers in almost six years. So, it is a great success for the Apple to get a huge number of subscribers in a very short period. Apple has extended its streaming services in Google’s Android that has billions of customers worldwide.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, confirmed that approximately 6.5 million users had subscribed the streaming service that launched at the end of June. Apple has subscribers worldwide, users in the United Kingdom get £10 music service per month and $12 per month for the Australian users.

The growing customers base put enormous pressure on the competitors, and Apple is going to acquire the biggest music streaming service through a deal. Apple’s competitor for music streaming is losing its customers, and their clients are joining Apple’s music streaming services.

Spotify, a major competitor for Apple Music, has music service in the UK, and the US has nearly 20 million paid and 70 million free subscribers worldwide.

Apple has almost 800 million iCloud subscribers that use the services on more than 1 billion devices of Apple. Apple has 200,000 iMessages cycle through every second and currently there are 750 million transactions per week.

Apple’s music streaming is getting popularity day by day, and it is continuously damaging its competitors and enjoying huge popularity in the industry.

iPhone 7 – New Specs, Features and Designs for Apple’s 2016 Lineup

Since the news about Apple’s iPhone 7 went viral, Apple’s fans began exploring the internet with new phone rumors, desired features and news surrounding the World Wide Web nowadays.

However, Apple remained silent on the next generation phone, and it has made a huge curiosity among the users who have been anxiously waiting for the new iPhone look, features, and design. So, we are going to update you with the new gossips about the most desirous phone with its unique characteristics and news around us.

Most of the Apple’s phones launched in the fall, so we should expect the same about the upcoming iPhone 7 in the same period of the year 2016. However, there is no official statement about the release of the phone by Apple. The expected date for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 is March 2016. Apple may launch another iPhone 6C before the big launch of iPhone 7 and add more phones to its lineup.

Design of iPhone 7

We have been looking the same old stereotyped designs for most of its lineup. However, we should expect a complete redesign of new phone with more innovation and changes in the original shape of iPhone. According to 9to5Mac reports, Apple is currently considering multiple changes to the iPhone 7 including thinner look and backup design of old shaped iPhone 6S. Apple iPhone 7 will bring something compact and without the support of Antenna unlike old phones. So, we are expecting that Apple will launch 5.5 inches plus size phone for its users. Some users say that Apple should start waterproof phone because lots of people have lost their phones when dropped into the water.

Business Insider reports that Apple has applied for the new waterproof patents and in future the company will be able to bring waterproof phones. There is a possibility that Apple will launch Bluetooth earphones in the latest iPhone 7. With the presence of simple design and buttonless iPhone would further eliminate the need of “always on hands free” with 3D touch screen in the latest iPhone.


The new display will provide more resistance for scratch and shatter than offered in the previous models of Apple. IPhone 7 will come with the sapphire display, and OLED technology will provide great assortment to the phone users. Apple is going to introduce new technology in the phone camera that will help the users to computer images of DLSR quality in the future phone.

So, there are lots of rumors circulating in the media and internet about the new iPhone 7, but actual details will be provided in the official statement about its much awaited iPhone 7 on the release.

Apple Defies Orders To unlock iPhone

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has rejected the court order to unlock terrorist iPhone. He called the situation as Chilling and denied to help FBI cracking the iPhone of the terrorist.

FBI wants Tim Cook to develop a unique operating system, but according to Cook, it will cause damage to all the iPhone and will damage the reputation of the company.

He further said that government wants us to take extraordinary steps that could jeopardize the security of our customers.

A judge in the United States orders the company to help the FBI in unlocking the iPhone of the involved terrorists in the attack last December in San Bernardino, California. “US government has asked us to do that are very concerning and dangerous to our users. In other words, the government is asking us to create a backdoor for the iPhone.”

Encryption has always been the topic of debate between the law enforcement companies and technology companies. Some companies are encrypting the data of their users in a way that they don’t even know themselves or cannot access the data. However, the encryption also helps the criminal to communicate with each other without being noticed by the government.

IPhone has the feature that it wipes the phones while entering the wrong password for the ten consecutive phones. If you disabled this feature, then anyone could try unlimited passwords until he finds the first one. FBI is seeking to access the iPhone that was used in the terrorist attack resulting in the death of 14 people with 22 injured in the assault.

The government asked Apple to create software that doesn't erase the data on the wrong password, and it is not possible for the Apple to code a software specific for the phone.

If he creates such software, then it could be used by some devices and will able the software to lock hundreds of phones at once.

The government wants Apple to circumvent its security that will make the safety of the company worse and it could damage the negotiations with the government, private businesses and consumers on the grounds of security and surveillance.

Cook Said, “We are ready to help the government to solve the matter, but we are unable to create a backdoor for our products”. He further told that this would undermine the security efforts and will confiscate the rights of freedom that our government wants to protect.